Remembrance and Bereavement 

Our co-workers are precious friends who've touched our lives in diverse and extraordinary ways. Friendships forged over the years leave an unfathomable and unforgettable impact on our hearts. As we honor and remember those who've passed, we must cherish the memories and contributions they've bequeathed upon us. Their departure leaves us grief stricken, but together we will find comfort and solace. Together we can begin to heal. 

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Officer George Horace

The late George Horace was born in West Africa, Monrovia-Liberia. He came to the United States in hope for a brighter future. During his tenure he attended the University of the District of Columbia. Horace spent his years working for the government as a contractor at various locations. Horace was a hard working man as well as a kind hearted one. He enjoyed helping others and having a good meal once his work was finished. Officer George Horace is survived by his three children and three grandchildren. 

He will be missed. 

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