Your contributions to the Union through Dues are the very lifeblood that keeps this organization growing stronger everyday. Just as an employer needs to pay its employees and customers need to hire contractors, Union members need services provided to them and those services cost money. Very few things in this world are free but at GUSP we work hard to make sure your investment is going into the services you need and our transparency about how the funds are spent are second to none.

Dues represent your insurance for your career. Anything gained can be lost but we're working hard to protect your interest so you and your family can be secure in your earnings and benefits. Every Union faces growing operating costs. You need: a full time President, and someone to answer your phone calls, and a Lawyer to take your case to arbitration so you can get back to work, and a professional Contract Negotiator handling your Collective Bargaining Rights, and an informative up to date website, and a meeting place..... but none of these things are free. These are a fraction of the essential services we provide that your Dues support.

Dues are a vital necessity. You are the Client hiring the Union to protect you. Your Dues allow you not just voting rights but an opportunity to stand up and say "I am a member and I am here to make a difference. To improve the quality and conditions of my workplace and strengthen my career and future for myself, my coworkers and my family."

While some Unions rack up huge debt to keep Dues low, we believe that only weakens the entire membership. When you're beholden to bill collectors for outstanding debt you're neither strong, free or prosperous. Other Unions look at Dues as a get rich quick scam and hike up Dues and Fees every year while cutting and slashing services to the membership. This is what's given so many Unions a bad name over the years.

GUSP is different. We provide members with detailed accounts of where and how the treasuries are being spent and all Dues go towards improved service to the membership. We're here to help you and make your life better, that's why we try to keep Dues low and costs lower. We look for new and innovative ways to make sure we're never going into a debt we can't afford or taxing the membership unnecessarily.