Welcome To A New Kind Of Union Experience

Kent Emery
Founder and President
Governed United Security Professionals

Founded on decades of experience in both Unions and Security, we know why so many Unions have failed before. You've probably said it yourself a thousand times "All they do is take our money and do absolutely nothing else for us."  It's sadly true. Most every Union has become a money grab and a vast departure from what Unions were created for. Now let me tell you why we're different.

Governed United Security Professionals is an Independent, Unaffiliated, International Union that was created by those Officers who were fed up with paying good money every paycheck and being denied a voice at the table. We know what its like to be told to "Sit down and shut up!" or "We'll look into it." and then you never hear back from them. That's why we're here. That's why this Union was created. We still hold true to that long forgotten notion that every voice, even in the minority, is valuable and may make all the difference. We want that voice, your voice, to be heard.

We've come from other Unions that allowed corruption to trump transparency and lies to drown out the truth. You won't find that here. GUSP believes in every member having access to how their funds are spent and what work is being done on their behalf. An open, honest, transparent and fair opportunity for all to come together and foster new creative ideas and solutions. That's what makes us different.

We're fighters and we believe that through strong representation, active participation and fair bargaining in good faith, we can achieve great solutions to so many problems that have plagued Guards for years. We encourage discussion and new ideas. We believe that naming the problem is only the first step in working towards a solution. We want members to become engaged by always providing them with an opportunity to speak their mind and address their concerns. GUSP hopes to foster not just talk but real action, real solutions and provide real results to every member.

Yes. It's true that to have a voice you need strength and that strength comes through in the form of a powerful Union hard at work for you. It doesn't come easy or free. But together we can build a lasting partnership and bridge the gap between Employee and Management.

We aren't trying to rob the Company. On the contrary, we simply believe that when they succeed the Employee should also benefit. We want every Guard to be secure in their employment and that means we want the Client to continue to be satisfied with the service of the Guards. We have to do our very best every day on the job because our job is so vital to the safety of others. You shouldn't be distracted by issues and problems that past Unions have failed to correct. When your Union works for you, you can provide better quality work for the Company and to the Client.

We have to communicate with each other. We have to have an ongoing dialog that continues to provide everyone an equal voice. You are the Union. You are the power. You have to continue to be engaged. A Union is not just someone you hire to make decisions for you, its an active group that comes together and works together to continue to provide for the greater good.

Together all things are possible. We can improve the working conditions, increase productivity, improve workplace morale, develop better training and eliminate obstacles and problems so you can enjoy better benefits, better pay and more time with your family while still improving the Company's service to the Client.

These things are possible. We can do better. Together with your help and your ideas we can make drastic improvements in the quality of all our lives. We're not Corporate Cronies and we're not life long Union Bosses getting rich off the backs of workers. Those are the other guys. We're different. We're what Unions should be. We're here to help you so you can continue to grow towards greater prosperity.

We've been where you are right now. Tired and fed up. Frustrated and forgotten. Sold out and robbed by those that said they were there to look out for you. I know. We're not them. We're building a new type of Union that is a collection of ideas and solutions decades in the making. We know what doesn't work. Stripping rights and benefits for under the table bribes and back room deals is not what you deserve. Someone fighting along side you for equality in the workplace, a partner at the negotiating table that knows your value, an advocate for your rights to help secure your family's income, a benefit watchdog always on the lookout for what you've worked years to achieve. 

That's what you deserve and that's what GUSP can provide with your help.